It was quiet and calm in the dim master-bedroom that overlooked the bustling backyard. There were a few rows of white chairs that all faced a simple wooden arch, draped with white sheer curtains that were contently rolling in the breeze. Alina peaked out the window, looking at all groups of people walking to their seats. Her and Dustin’s entire family and closest friends, all here to witness a day she had been dreaming about, their wedding day.

As guests were seated, Dustin waited in the kitchen with his back against the wall and hands by his side, patiently waiting in the moments before he would meet his bride down the aisle. Alina slowly walked to the opposite side of the wall where Dustin stood, and then with her back to his, grabbed his hand. Without seeing each other, they stood holding hands for a few quiet minutes with watery eyes. They moment was heavy and full of emotion even in the silence. Then, Dustin said in a quiet and certain voice, “I love you”.

Just a week prior Dustin found out his family would be in town to meet his fiancé and son of the first time. Not knowing the next time they would all be together as a family, Alina and Dustin felt timing could not be better, and decided to get married the next week, in front of their entire family. With the mastery of Bella Florina Events, their dream wedding was brought to life in a week. Take a look at some of my favorites of this backyard garden wedding below, and check out the entire gallery here.