Hey there! My name is Chelsea and I am your photographer. I live in San Diego in a cozy house by the beach with my husband Abe and our french bulldog Chef. I love San Diego for our passionate food culture, diversity, and our welcoming, easy-going lifestyle. Some of my favorite things aside from photography include dancing, tacos, early morning beach walks, a good tequila cocktail, exploring new places with Abe, my morning coffee, and weekends with a perfect mix of wine dates with friends and netflix in sweatpants. Those who know me know that I am a huge goof so I have always been somebody that people feel comfortable around, which is useful as a photographer!

When I found my love for photography, I found my passion. Taking photos allows me to creatively express how I view people and things around me, which is a really special thing. I like to catch my clients’ authentic personalities, so that when they look back at the images they recognize the feeling portrayed and are able to reconnect to that moment. It brings them so much joy and it is incredibly fulfilling.

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