If you’ve driven on the 76 at anytime before summer 2016, you’ve seen the big abandoned screens from what used to be the Vally Drive-In in Oceanside. Although movies haven’t been projected there since the late 90s,  if you head out to the old theater on a weekday evening, like the night I met the Dolly’s for a sunset session, you’ll find a truly epic lot that still holds so much nostalgia in the North County community.

Meghan and Cheyne Dolly, owners of The Loose Leaf here in Oceanside, are good friends of mine. They ran off to Vegas with a handful of buddies a few months back to get hitched by a cowboy in a chapel on the strip. I would also like to add that there was an epic fog machine that pushed a thick white cloud down the aisle as they were exchanging there vows… BEST. WEDDING. EVER. Their elopement was fun and lighthearted to celebrate a love and commitment that is strong and intimate.

When they got back from celebrating their marriage in Vegas, we met in the old Valley Drive-In, to catch some photos of these two to celebrate their marriage. Just like them, the shoot was unique and bold; vibrant and with character. They borrowed their buddies old pick up and hung out by the truck in the old lot with the sun coming down in the most perfect way.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. You can check out the full gallery here.