Brad and Melyssa said they wanted their photos taken at Santa Rosa Plateau just north of San Diego County and close by my hometown of Menifee, California. GENIOUS. I grew up so close to the trails but I never really went up there, so when I met them, their two babies {Taylor and Tessa} and Bella the dog at the top of the trials I was googley eyed from the get-go.

We started out on the trail in the morning and landed in a nice little patch of trees. Mely, being true to her free spirit, placed Tessa up on top of her shoulders and kicked off her shoes to walk barefoot through the trail. Everything Mely does is with a light heart and easy-going mentality. She wasn’t even stumped when Taylor needed a quick diaper change on the dirt. She is such a beautiful soul. While Mely was getting Taylor cleaned up, Brad and Tessa walked the trail hand and hand and it was so obvious Tessa was adoring every moment with her dad, looking up at him and playing with him any chance she could. He is also easy going like Mely, but he also has a fatherly, protector presence as he watched the girls explore the trail that put everyone at ease. The Phillipps are a young, fun, and happy family and I was absolutely honored to capture this Santa Rosa Plateau adventure.

Here are a few of my favorites of this amazing family. To see more check out the full gallery in my portfolio. Cheers!