“Marriage really just made us a stronger team… we have always had a very strong relationship, but I feel like marriage took it to a whole new level”. Ashley and Jacob met at a get together at Jacob’s and have been at each other’s hip ever since. This shoot was for Ashley and Jacob’s one year anniversary slash newlywed photos and I was super excited about and into the idea. There is so much celebration that goes into the engagement and wedding (as there should be) but after the wedding why should the celebration stop?

When I got married, I despised when people made negative comments about losing the fun and romantic flair of your relationship once you get married. Ummm I am sorry but- first of all, anyone who tells that to a girl who is about to get married is an a-hole, and secondly- my marriage is the most fun and best decision I have every made! Anyway, all of these thoughts have always been in my crazy head and when Ash said she wanted to take newlywed photos I thought- HECK YEAH! What better way to celebrate marriage just for being what it is?

Both North County natives and lovers of the outdoors, the perfect location was decided as Hosp Grove Trailhead in Carlsbad that is a eucalyptus tree heaven and so green thanks to our much needed rain here in Cali. We headed into the small trail on a grey morning and it had just stopped sprinkling so everything smelt amazing! Jacob and Ashley are both so sweet and light hearted and they have this beautiful chemistry so they flow together so perfectly. I had so much fun taking these photos! Here are a few of my favorites of our session celebrating a happy year of marriage to Jacob and Ashley!